Bad Girls Club 9: Mexico

Episode 8
Mahgan gets sick of the bad girls club starts a fight and then leaves with Rima, Falen & Julie in a fit of rage.
BGC9 – Episode 8

Episode 7
The new girl arrives and they all say they’re going to ice her out but when she arrives they are nothing but.
BGC9 – Episode 7

20120717-035940 PM.jpg

Episode 2

In this episode we saw a lot more fights and cattiness. Rima and Mehgan had a fight and both of there stuff ended up in the pool which was exactly what they said they wouldn’t do…
Christina is still on a mad one with Julie and they had two fights which ended up with Julie bleeding.
20120717-035932 PM.jpg

I’m beginning to wonder why Ashley is in the house because so far she has let people bully her and call her stupid and she takes it with a stupid look on her face… She needs to show us that she is a bad girl or she needs to go home! (even though I do like her).

The house has been divided already with Mehgan, Falen and Julie in one group and Rima, Christina, Ashley and Erika on the other.

Which side do you think is going to dominate the house?
Heres a link if you haven’t seen it:
BGC 9 Episode 2
20120710-035437 PM.jpg

Episode 1
So, what did you guys think about the new bad girls?!?!
So far we have already seen and argument, a fight, girls being extremely ratchet and slightly annoying “oh yeah did you know I’m Obamas step daughter” .. Yeah that got old quick!

In the episode we had Rima showing her ass to the world and then not washing it then next morning. Mehgan then got into a fight with her over it (get voice is also getting kinda annoying).

We also had Christina spitting at Julie. (Which just showed she has no class)

The other girls didn’t do anything worth talking about, but tell me what you think.

Who’s your favourite so far?

If you missed it, here’s a link to watch it.
BGC9 Episode 1
20120709-090714 PM.jpg

BGC Mexico is hours away from starting! Make sure your tuned in!
Here’s a sneak peak to keep you going.

It already looks like a better series then season 8!!!

BGC Season 9 Sneak Peak

Meet The Cast

Bad girls club season 9 will start on July 9th. It still feels like season 8 has just finished, but as preparation for the start of the season I will introduce you to the new cast.

Is it just me or do some of them look kind of manly??


20120621-120152 AM.jpg


20120621-120200 AM.jpg


20120621-120609 AM.jpg


20120621-120913 AM.jpg


20120621-120927 AM.jpg


20120621-121206 AM.jpg


20120621-121155 AM.jpg

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